Q&A for SUPER5 Fountain Pen & iNK

  • Where can I get the SUPER5 fountain pen and SUPER5 iNK?

    Have a look at our list of retailers. Both online and bricks-and-mortar shops are listed. The list is constantly being expanded and updated. You can also shop directly here at papierlabor.de.

  • My pen scratches…

    With the exception of line size M, SUPER5 fountain pens are perfect for calligraphy since they provide a smooth and even writing surface. You have to give them a little time though – they will scratch in the beginning but it will stop after a short time.

    A tip for craftsmen: you may be tempted to speed up the process by using abrasive paper (1200 wet). While this method works very quickly, it is possible to destroy the nib this way. We can only recommend you try it if you have previous experience working with metal. In any case, any nibs which have been treated with abrasive paper are not subject to replacement through our warranty.

  • Which cartridges should I use?

    All SUPER5 fountain pens can be refilled with International Standard Size cartridges including Pelikan.

  • Can I use a converter?

    Yes, as long as the converter complies with the International Standard. Such a converter is available from SUPER5.

  • Can any ink be used with the SUPER5 fountain pen?

    Any water-soluble ink can be used. Most „India“ inks however will clog your pen and may ruin it permanently.

  • Can waterproof inks be used in SUPER5 fountain pens?

    You can use the waterproof SUPER5 iNK. All available colors are safe but you must use a converter. The SUPER5 fountain pen should be closed after use and the SUPER5 iNK should not remain in the pen for more than 4 weeks. It is of course important to rinse thoroughly. We can’t guarentee that the SUPER5 fountain pen will continue to work properly with the waterproof ink from other manufacturers.

  • Can SUPER5 iNKs be used in other brands of fountain pen?

    Sorry, we can’t provide any guarantees. The same recommendations apply as for the SUPER5 fountain pen.

  • How to prevent the ink from drying in the fountain pen?

    Never store the fountain pen with its nib pointing upwards. The ink feed system and the piston converter should not contain much air. Therefore the piston converter must be vented regularly.

    super5-ink-feederHow to? With the nib pointing upwards: Push the air out of the piston converter by twisting it until some bubbles or ink is leaking from the ink feed system at the nib.

    If the fountain pen has not been used for a long time and does not write, press the nib 3 to 5 times vigorously on paper.