SUPER5 · Waterproof Write and Sketch Ink

SUPER5 iNK · 50 ml

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30 ml (0,56 € / 1,00 ml)
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The perfect complement to your SUPER5 Fountain Pen

The SUPER5 iNK should be a special ink for our SUPER5 fountain pen. We were looking out colors that are appropriate for writing and drawing and doing follow non-traditional ideas. The SUPER5 iNK should be absolutely waterproof on paper, and we succeeded. The SUPER5 iNK should very long time to be left open in fountain pen, in order to prevent drying out – even with this result, we are satisfied.

However, we recommend to rinse with water through the fountain pen following each use of the SUPER5 iNK. For dried fountain pen we take no responsibility.

This waterproof SUPER5 iNK is ideally suited for contour drawings (Outlines) and texts (Typo), which later for example should be colored with water colors. It is the perfect companion for our SUPER5 Fountain Pen. For the use of the ink in the SUPER5 Fountain Pen you need an ink converter. SUPER5 iNK waterproof write and sketch ink is available in bottles of 30 ml / 1fl.oz. and ink cartridges.

SUPER5 iNK · Technical Specifications

NameItem No.pHLightfastness *
Atlantic (blue)165527.487
Australia (dark red)165537.467
Darmstadt (black)165517.467 – 8
Delhi (orange)165557.526
Dublin (green)165567.496
Frankfurt (grey)165577.517
All inks are also temperature and humidity resistant.
* Lightfastness (Blue Wool Scale): 8 = Outstanding, 7 = Excellent, 6 = Very Good, 5 = Good, 4 = Fairly Good, 3 = Fairly, 2 = Poor, 1 = Very Poor

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