SUPER5 Sketchbook

SUPER5 Sketch Book

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The Sketchbook for a Thousand Occassions

Our SUPER5 sketchbook is available in ten different book formats – so can be found quickly the right one for every place and every pocket. The sketchbooks “Shanghai” and “Berlin” will fit perfectly in your blue jeans pocket.


The 32 pages are from our good BLOCK paper. This paper is wood free, acid-free, chlorine-free and age resistant in accordance with DIN-ISO 9706. It is erasing resistant and distinguished by a very good pigment adhesion. Although the grammage of the paper is only 140gsm, it is extremely wet strength and therefore also suitable for coloring with watercolor.


NameWidthHeightWidth OpenOrientation
Darmstadt10 cm10 cm20 cmsquared
Shanghai12 cm15 cm24 cmPortrait
Berlin15 cm12 cm30 cmLandscape
Sydney15 cm15 cm30 cmsquared
Cape Town15 cm20 cm30 cmPortrait
Amsterdam20 cm15 cm40 cmLandscape
New York City20 cm20 cm40 cmsquared
Seattle20 cm25 cm40 cmPortrait
Singapore25 cm20 cm50 cmLandscape
Rio de Janeiro30 cm20 cm60 cmLandscape

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