The SUPER5 fountain pen is scratching …

The SUPER5 fountain pens, except line width M and B, are calligraphic and have a straight writing surface. This must be inscribed. The scratching disappears after a while of use.

A tip for people who are very skilled in their craft: writing on 1200-grit wet sandpaper works very quickly, but carries the risk of also quickly destroying the nib. Please only use this method if you have experience in metalworking. We do not accept sanded springs as a reason for complaint.

Which ink cartridges are suitable for SUPER5 writing instruments?

All SUPER5 fountain pens and rollerballs are compatible with the International Standard cartridge / EURO cartridge, also called Pelikan cartridge.

Can I use an ink converter?

Yes, the ink converter must comply with the International Standard Cartridge form factor. We recommend the use of the SUPER5 Ink Converter.

Can all inks be used with SUPER5 fountain pens and ink roller pens?

All water-soluble inks can be used. Never use Indian inks.

Can waterproof inks also be used in SUPER5 writing instruments?

You can use all colours of SUPER5 waterproof ink from the ink bottle or ink cartridge. The SUPER5 fountain pen or rollerball pen should always be closed after use. SUPER5 waterproof ink should not remain in the writing instrument for longer than 4 weeks. Afterwards, rinse thoroughly and, if necessary, use SUPER5 Cleaner.

Can SUPER5 waterproof ink be used in fountain pens of other brands/manufacturers?

You have to test this – otherwise the same recommendations apply as for SUPER5 fountain pens and rollerballs.

How can the ink in the fountain pen be prevented from drying out?

If possible, always store your fountain pen in a horizontal position to prevent the ink feed system from drying out quickly. The ink feed system should also always be filled with ink. To do this, it is necessary to regularly exhaust the converter – see graphic. Regular use of the pen is beneficial against drying out. If the fountain pen has not been used for a longer period of time and does not start writing, the nib should be pressed firmly 3 – 5 times on the paper.

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